We are pleased to continue to "green" our surgery and have recently implemented the following:
  • Rapidly biodegradable plastics used throughout the treatment process
  • Installation of environmentally processed carpet tiles in the reception and office areas
  • The use of environmentally rated inks / toners in our printers
Plastic barriers have become widely used in dental practice and the health industry to assist with infection control. They are an effective way of protecting equipment and surfaces to prevent cross infection, minimising the use of surface detergents and disinfectants. A vast amount of today's plastic waste ends its life cycle in a modern sanitary landfill, where it stays for decades to come, leaving our future with an increasing mountain of plastic waste.We use plastic barriers made from a responsible and sustainable product, which is disposable and helps protect our environment. These products include rubbish bin liners, to further assist the waste breakdown process. If you happen to have any other ideas for the surgery, please pass them on during your next visit.        

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