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Our Process

In order to ensure your expectations are met at your first appointment, we wanted to outline our process and outcomes.

Upon making an appointment, we will send you a New Patient email with everything you’ll want to know for your first visit.

When you arrive, our team will greet you and ensure that you are comfortable.

We work diligently to run on time for all our patients and allow plenty of time in our schedules in order to maintain this goal.

We often treat nervous patients with previously uncomfortable dental experiences, our team are focussed on helping patients feel comfortable and confident with their dental needs. There is adequate time on the day to discuss all your needs and questions.

treatment plan

Treatment Plan and Care Pack


New Patient Examination Details

Our New Dental Patient Examination is a one hour session where our dentists and nurses collect detailed dental information and discuss your dental goals and issues in depth.

This extra time does not add to your normal costs, we simply spend this time with you to make sure our service is thorough and world class.

The information collected includes:

  • Your Medical & Dental History
  • Dental goals and issues
  • Assessment of Jaw Joints, Muscles and Tissues
  • Teeth Exam including Digital Xrays
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Photos of your teeth and mouth
  • Gum and Bone Exam plus Gum Depth Charting (“Perio Charting”)

The treatment plan that follows will address:

  • Health – Gum and Bone health (Gingivitis, Periodontitis) and any Tooth Decay
  • Function – Cracks, Bite (occlusion), Crowding and Gaps
  • Aesthetics – Cosmetic Requirements

A considered and comprehensive treatment plan is then completed with your photos, xrays, teeth and gum (perio) charts.  This plan is tailored to your needs and expectations.

The plan is presented and discussed thoroughly. Again, this additional time and service does not add to your normal costs.

Depending on the complexity of your needs, we may invite you to attend a consultation session at a later date. This consultation is at no extra charge and allows you to ask questions and completely understand your treatment options in a relaxed environment.

Insurance claims can be made on the day via HICAPS, the item numbers used during this appointment are:

  • 011 – Oral Exam (Comprehensive dental check up)
  • 221 – Clinical periodontal analysis and recording (Gum Health Chart)
  • 022 / 022 – Two digital x-rays (radiographs), one for each side of your mouth
  • We do not charge for dental photography or other diagnostic items

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