Active Maintenance Program Active Maintenance Program After you have completed your Hygiene treatment plan, you will be placed on a recall of 3 or 6 months. This scheduling depends on the on the severity of your gum and bone disease. People who have required extensive and deep cleaning, or who have deep spaces in between the gums of the tooth and the bone usually require a 3 month appointment. At this appointment, your gum and jaw bone disease status is reviewed and improvements are documented. If any areas of infection are active and persistent they may need to be revisited for further scaling. You will also have a full mouth removal of sticky plaque layer- to flush away any germs and toxins around the teeth, any new tartar will also be removed. You and your hygienist will discuss your oral hygiene practices, and modifications will be made if required. If your gum and bone disease has improved at this stage, we advocate 6 month active dental maintenance appointments thereafter. People who have minimal calculus and good oral hygiene are placed straight into the active maintenance program upon completion of their initial hygiene session. Active Maintenance is used as a dental term to encourage patients to understand that regular attention is required in order to maintain healthy teeth and gums and that “Hygiene Maintenance” it is a regular, healthy and important part of life. Active Maintenance Program

6 month active maintenance

We believe your dental health is vitally important in order to enjoy a long, healthy and happy life.

Tooth decay and gum disease (periodontal disease) affect your overall health and are completely preventable. Unfortunately jaw and gum disease may be painless, and therefore hard for people to detect.

6 months may seem like a frequent period of time, however it is 182 days in which plaque can settle into hard to reach places and start forming into tooth decaying tartar which affects both your teeth and the gums they rely upon. A combination of at home maintenance (brushing and flossing) and professional “cleaning” and treatment will ensure that your mouth, and the body systems it is connected to, are in top shape and able to be enjoyed for the rest of your life. If plaque and tartar exist and you leave it on your teeth and under your gums it will dramatically increase over the next few months. Tartar provides a great breeding ground for plaque forming an environment where exponential growth is common. Tartar cannot be removed with domestic tooth brushes or any liquids found in the supermarket. Plaque can be kept to a minimum with twice daily brushing and flossing using correct technique (see video below) and a healthy diet free from sugars which help plaque bacteria grow.

Dental health affects your whole body. Active Maintenance Program