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Hygiene Maintenance.

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You wouldn’t expect your car to keep powering on if you don’t feed it fuel and take it for a service?  No one would buy a new Tesla car and run it to the ground without looking after it! We expect our mouth and teeth to work their hearts out each day – eating, chewing, laughing, spitting(!) but yet often put them on the back burner if there is no pain. Pain means big damage – which equates to big treatments and big bucks. And as much as we love seeing you, we love seeing you to deliver good news, not bad news. If you want to make sure this doesn’t happen, come and see us regularly for your hygiene maintenance appointment.  We check everything so it says healthy and predictable. Help your teeth get the service they deserve.

“Laugh out loud, it’s the second best thing you can do with your mouth.”

Dr Fern White – Director

Modern Treatment Planning


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How we Smile Design

Smile Design

Our dentists are part technicians and part artists. We can now design your perfect smile and with the aid of photography and digital models we can show you the finished artwork.

3D Planning & Implants

You don’t have to wait, cross your fingers and hope that we’re all on the same page… it’s your mouth and we can show you exactly what your treatment outcomes are going to be. Implant technology and 3D planning allows us to strategically and safely implant new, life-like teeth into your jaw. It’s amazing technology and means that you can once again enjoy a full set of teeth.

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Dr Becky Dudman


Becky is our energetic dentist from the UK. You’ll find she has a good sense of humour and a generous kind heart She tries to keep things balanced in her free time and is as equally happy buzzing around Bayside; running, cycling or trying out a new gym class, as she is sat with a glass of wine sampling Melbourne’s fine food on offer. She loves talking about teeth and particularly how our dental health links with our general health. She is always studying something new and is passionate about minimally invasive, treatments, that give amazing results. Things like Invisalign, Bonding and Whitening teeth can transform a persons smile and this is what really gets her excited!

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