Patient Instructions

Here are several PDF’s to help you with various treatments. Please use these as a guide only and contact us with any specific concerns or issues. DOWNLOADS (Pdf)  

Video Tutorial

Our Hygiene Department have put together a short, 3 minute video on proper flossing and brushing techniques.  

Flossing and Brushing Instructions

To help you maintain your teeth & gums, we suggest that you follow these daily, simple & important dental health tasks: Patient Instructions

1) Flossing

When Before brushing & after main meals. Within about 10-15 minutes of finishing eating. Spend about 1 minute flossing, it is just as important as brushing. How After rinsing your mouth with water, use a forearm length of dental floss or a flossing tool to remove food from between teeth and around the gums. Do not snap floss into your gums, it should slide into place. Zigzag the floss whilst forming a C around teeth. Expected Results Flossing removes food containing sugars from areas where brushing will not, mainly the areas where your teeth and gums meet. Things to Watch Rinse well, and if the water is pink your gums need more attention & treatment.

Patient Instructions2) Brushing

When Immediately after flossing. Spend at least 2 minutes brushing. This is 120 seconds that can dramatically affect your dental and overall health, a small investment of time. How Use short, gentle strokes with a SOFT bristle brush. At a 45O angle to you teeth use rolling, circular motions on the gums and teeth. Massage the gums with the brush and reach all the back teeth & gums too. Brush tongue, or perhaps use a scraper to remove bacteria and freshen breath. Expected Results This brushing action removes plaque bacteria that form into hard tartar that decays strong tooth enamel and leads to gum and bone disease. Things to Watch Avoid overusing whitening toothpaste as it can wear your teeth and create sensitivity.