Technology & Education

Dental technology and computing offers an exciting range of solutions for our patients and advanced diagnosis options to our team.


We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, service and implementing technology that helps our patients understand dentistry and receive more effective treatment.

We also use visual tools such as large teeth models, presentations and photographs to present different types of issues and solutions.
  • Digital Xray
  • Magnifying Loupes
  • Laser
  • Intra Oral Macro Camera
  • Root Locators
  • Camera with Side Flash
  • Zoom4 Whitening
  • Tooth Models

Music / Movies

We offer wireless headphones and a large selection of DVDs for viewing on our sony and iMac Screens during your treatment. Internet streaming music and live radio from around the world is also available so that you can choose your own preferred music genre. This allows you to be as comfortable as possible during all procedures.  

Dental Education

We pride ourselves on providing our patients with as much information and education as they need. Our aim is to educate and present all available options to our patients, then we work with you to tailor your treatment options. We supply this via comprehensive treatment plans, dental charts, information sheets, posters, dental models and digital animations.  In addition, complimentary 45min follow up consultations may also be included to further educate and present patients with all their options.   Technology & Education

Digital Xray

State of the art digital xray systems have been installed to ensure we can provide fast and accurate xray images during diagnosis and treatment. You can instantly view the results on screen as we explain the diagnosis. Digital Xrays omit 90% less radiation than traditional film xray machines.  

Cameras – Intra Oral

In order to show patients exactly what is going on each tooth, we utilise quality intra-oral cameras which can display macro dental images in amazingly crisp detail on our screens. The images are recorded as part of your comprehensive records and together with your dental photos using our Nikon D-90 with Macro lens, we are able to make an informed decision for your optimal treatment.   Technology & Education


We have recently started using iPads in order to show our patients digital animations and treatment details. This helps explain certain procedures and treatments.  

MacPractice Software

Along with iPads, we have converted our entire practice management software to Apple Mac in order to provide quick, accurate details.  The quality of the images are simply amazing, and the Mac technology  is powerful.  This means we can spend less time on the computers and more time with you and your teeth.