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Welcome Dr Becky

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We are introducing Dr Becky to our team, at the same time as farewelling Dr Kim.


“There is nothing permanent, except change.”


Dr Kim is getting married! And her husband to be, also a dentist, runs his clinic in Sydney… so Kim is making the move and we wish her all the best in this new life.


After a determined search, we selected Dr Rebecca Dudman.

Dr Becky graduated from University of Leeds in the UK with a Bachelor of Dental Sciences. She worked in London for several years in practice, before moving to work in a specialised dental hospital, Kings College, to develop her skills in several specific areas of dentistry. She completed her post-graduate examination with the Royal College of Surgeons in England, before moving to Melbourne in 2013.

Becky’s philosophy is to provide gentle dentistry of the highest quality possible. She believes, as a health professional, that we must always be learning and enjoys attending world class dental courses and continuing professional education.

Outside of work Becky loves to travel and cook as well as spending time outside… walking bike, riding and enjoying everything Melbourne has to offer.


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