What do they say?

Dentists are difficult to compare “under the bonnet”.

We tend to drive around in our cars not really knowing what’s going on “under the bonnet”.

And some of us book in for the regular 10,000km service, whilst others wait until something goes wrong.

Unless you’re a car mechanic, it’s really difficult to know exactly what’s happening to your car, under the bonnet, within the engine and gears.

Well, this is your mouth!

We think it’s more important than a car!

It’s where all the food gets chewed, with precision biting allowing your body to absorb nutrients… helping you live long and healthy!

Your mouth communicates through talking clearly and says a lot about you and how you take care of yourself. 

So let us assure you, we do EVERYTHING we can to show you what we’re seeing and doing… not some dodgy car mechanic… we work on your teeth like you’re a member of our family, the ones we like 😀.

Our x-ray images, close up photos, tools and expert observations allow us to not allow treat you, but show you exactly what we’re seeing. Then the choice is clear. No guess work and nothing you don’t need. 

Google Reviews

James M

“Beacon Cove dental is by far the best dental practice I’ve ever been to in my life, hands down.

Even though I have a lot of work to do and it’s going to be very expensive, they laid out exactly how everything is going to go, and made me feel really positive about it the whole time. Her entire team has a very nurturing attitude.

I absolutely trust these people with my dental work for the rest of my life.

My choppers are about to get an upgrade!”

Mijo B

“The exam was great, staff amazing, incredible, educational, friendly, comfortable, calming, hospitable. It was actually fun.

I think the whole system from go-to-wo is really quite seamless in guiding the patients in an informative and empowering way.

The intro email is full of great info and is clear about what forms need to be filled out and the process of getting an xray before the appointment. It’s also really detailed so that you know what is going to happen and why. That’s really important and takes the guesswork out of the appointment for the client.

It was great to turn up and they were doing yoga. That’s just unheard of in any business that I’ve been involved in.

Staff super friendly and accommodating with the offer of lemongrass and ginger tea. Everyone that went past said Hi. Acknowledging the patient is quite powerful.

Post-exam was great and informative and I felt a part of the process of coming up with a program or solution for the next phases to come, even though I wasn’t really. Going through what was currently going on in my mouth and what the best solutions would be was a very empowering feeling. Maybe it’s just me, but I like to know what’s going on and why. To have this discussion and consultation was great.

I could actually go on about it. It was a positive experience.

Apart from that I must say that I was very impressed with the whole process, the big screen with my mouth on it, the nice music in the background, etc, etc.”

Puripast S

Very impressed with the services offered. The staff are very welcoming. Love the music on the headphones-really gets me feeling more relaxed. Very professional and friendly. The procedures are well explained I am always kept in the loop. Highly recommended.

Grant K

By far the best dental practice I have been to. Outstanding staff with a great setup, makes an unpleasant event easier to endure. The dentists walk you through every step of the procedures and the headphones and movies help distract during the procedure.

Cielo C

The best dental experience ive had in Melbourne 🙂 after going to them for a few years i can safely say Beacon Cove is what every practise should be like. Lovely staff, great communication, and really confortable in a way i cant even describe. Never going anywhere else !


Sarah - A Case Study

January 2018

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Over the course of 6 months our team worked with Sarah to completely redesign her smile:

  • Listened to Sarah’s past dental story and her wishes
  • Initial assessment of her jaw and mouth
  • We showed Sarah the issues and possible complications
  • Extensive diagnosis and treatment planning, presenting 3 options to Sarah
  • We used “Digital Smile Design” to show Sarah what mouth and teeth would look after treatment
  • Building up the foundations of her teeth with several Hygiene appointments
  • Once her mouth was healthy and ready for dentistry, we started repositioning her teeth
  • After weeks of moving teeth and her palette, we could continue to sculpt crowns and veneers
  • Our labs then craft life-like replicas of her teeth to ensure a natural finish
  • Carefully placing the crowns, we ensure correct alignment and bite
  • With some final refinements and polishing, Sarah was ready to smile!

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