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Dog Dental Health Overview

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Many of the staff at Beacon Cove Dental have dogs, so we thought it would be a good idea to review Canine dental health.

We hope this brief explanation is helpful, of course your Vet is the best place to visit if you think your dog’s teeth need attention.

The Basics

Here are some basics in terms of checking for any dental issues

  • Start young and get your dog familiar with having their mouth and gums checked and brushed
  • Check for white teeth with no discolouration (light to dark brown staining towards top of teeth, near gums )
  • Gums should be pink, with no redness
  • Brown staining indicates tartar build up which needs to be removed with brushing or  a Vet dental treatment
  • Red gums indicate inflammation and therefore signs of bacteria and disease
  • Make a note of what is “normal” so you can assess any changes
  • You can brush canine teeth using a specific, low fluoride tooth paste
  • There are brushes that fit on the tip of your finger to make brushing easier than using a traditional handle brush

There the basics, we would be happy to chat more about your dog during your next visit… but please do seek your Vet’s advice is cases of disease.

Remember that, just like humans, dental disease can lead directly to heart disease and other blood/bacterial related diseases.

A Demonstration