We would like to offer patients a special with our newly arrived ZOOM Teeth Whitening system (Version 4 / 2011) . The normal cost is over $1000, however for the next few months we are offering the 90 minute session for $890. This delivers instant whitening results, perfect for weddings, parties... anything. Give us a call to chat more about this new whitening service or see our Whitening page for more information.

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Prevent Tooth Decay with These 5 Simple Tips

Tooth decay is among the world’s most common oral health problems. Each year, millions of people from different stretches of the globe suffer from costly and painful cavities. While it can happen to practically anyone, it’s always the kids who are at a higher risk for...

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5 Key Things to Know About Teeth Grinding

While teeth grinding may not seem like a big deal to a lot of people, it sure can have a negative impact not just on your teeth but also the overall health of your mouth. Medically termed bruxism, it affects millions of children and adults—and most of them don’t even...

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