with Heart

Hissing drills,

hospital smells and

childhood nightmares?

No one loves going to the dentist.   For so long the industry has had a bad wrap – the dentist is always the villain in Hollywood movies!   But we’re here to change that.

Why are we different?


We love creating connections with you. We’re interested in your teeth, but we’re more interested in what lights you up as a person and giving you back the freedom to choose.   And what’s more, we’re all LADIES doing dental! Empathy, nurturing and care is in our DNA! This takes time and we have all the time for you.


We love growing. We’re skilled up to the hilt, and constantly investing in ourselves to skill up even more in everything new in Dental.   That means you get the best of the best. Best technology, best quality, and experts in the field means longer lasting dentistry. We’re super professional but we love having fun with you!  This equals an unforgettable experience – relaxed and refreshing.

Learn more about the ladies of BCD.

Dentistry with heart

Welcome to BCD

Comfort First, Dentistry Second

We love connecting one to one (heart to heart) and having real conversations with our patients and each other. No obtuse dental lingo that you don’t understand. No white coats standing over you giving you lectures. We’re human too – so we love having a cup of tea and sharing with you what we know and are passionate about – your dental future. Just the real deal – what is true for you and your mouth.

Our differences

It’s hard for you to compare dental practices… so here’s what we do that set us apart from the rest:
BCD - Port Melbourne



We spend time with you, lots of extra time to investigate, diagnose and make sure all your dental questions are answered.
BCD - Port Melbourne

Team of


We work together. Our dentists are helped by our dedicated Hygiene Department. Hygienists and oral therapists focus on preparing and cleaning your teeth so that you get the best results.
BCD - Port Melbourne



Every patient has different needs and circumstances… and we work with you to ensure the outcome is suited to you… not some “cookie cutter” version of you.
BCD - Port Melbourne



And at the end of your visit… you have all the information and education to make an informed choice about your teeth. After all, it’s your mouth.

Meet Our Ladies Doing Dental

We’re a family here and we have a lot of talent, skills & specialties under one roof. That means you have all of us caring for you, not just one dentist, so you never will feel like a stranger in our dental home!
BCD - Port Melbourne

Dr. Fern

Director & Dentist

She’s our principal dentist and boss lady! She’s also a mumma, yoga and embodiment teacher, entrepreneur, international speaker, coach for more than 170 women dentists worldwide and personal growth aficionado.
BCD - Port Melbourne

Dr. Becky


You’ll find Becky has a good sense of humour and a generous heart. She loves talking about teeth and particularly how our dental health links with our general health. She is always studying something new and is passionate about minimally invasive, treatments, that give amazing results.
BCD - Port Melbourne

Dr. Lin


Lin is our dental surgeon from the sunny coast of Perth, Western Australia. She originally moved to Melbourne for her post-graduate training in implants, and decided to trade beaches for food!
BCD - Port Melbourne



Lee is our all round team player, providing calm/support to all. She loves to welcome patients with a warm smile and a friendly chat. Tell her about your interests and travels. Providing a calm/safe environment to patients is her priority.

Top 10 Tips : For Finding a Great Dentist.

We’re happy to help you find a dentist that means you’re keeping you teeth heathy for life. Comparing dentists is difficult… make sure you look for these aspects.
BCD - Port Melbourne

Let’s Get Started

Call our team to get started! Your mouth will thank you later.