Hissing drills,

disinfectant smells

& childhood


Let’s face it – no one LOVES going to the dentist. 

We understand there is FEAR.

Fear of pain, fear of costs, fear of losing time.

But we’re here to change that. 


Implants &
Jaw Pain


Crowns &



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Beacon Cove Dental Dentist Port Melbourne

Meaning we look after you as a WHOLE person and mind, not just a body part. We want to connect before getting intimate with your mouth – and we’re interested in knowing you and what lights you up first.

All of our lady dentists, hygienists and therapists are skilled up to the hilt, and have spent more than double the average time than general clinicians training in our special fields.

Of course, it’s assumed you will have only excellent expertise, skills and cutting edge technology when it comes to your mouth and teeth.
With our powers combined, you receive the best of the best. And we do professionalism with lots of fun too.

Most importantly, nurture and care is in our all-female team’s DNA, – so you will have the gentlest and most relaxing experience a dental visit can ever be.

Our passion is helping you feel fully empowered and knowledgeable about your mouth (so you don’t have to consult Dr. Google or friends).

So you get take back control to CHOOSE what is right for you.

We’re committed to transforming your health and confidence so you are able to freely laugh out loud more because of the lasting transformation in your mouth.

This takes time… and we have all the time for you.

Comfort and Care first, Dentistry second

We’re inviting you as a guest to our BCD family.

We love connecting one to one (heart to heart) and having real conversations with you.

No obtuse dental lingo that you don’t understand. No white coats standing over you giving you lectures. Just the facts – clear and simple. All the options as if we had your mouth. No judgement.

Then we will support you in what you choose so that you can take back control of your health and smile once and for all.

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No one LOVES going to the dentist. For so long the industry has had a bad wrap – the dentist is always the villain in Hollywood movies!

Comfort First, Dentistry Second

We love connecting one to one (heart to heart) and having real conversations with our patients and each other. No obtuse dental lingo that you don’t understand. No white coats standing over you giving you lectures.

Discover Your New Smile

It’s hard for you to compare dental practices… so here’s what we do that set us apart from the rest:

A Clear Plan

Your mouth is important!
We work with you to develop a clear plan for a long term solution.

A Group Approach

Our internal team and external specialist work together to ensure the best possible result.

Education First

We don't just do the work, we educate you and how to a ensure long term smile and functional teeth.

Your Choice

With education and plans, you can then make the best choice for your life with confidence and clarity.

Meet Our Ladies Doing Dental

We’re a family here and we have a lot of talent, skills & specialties under one roof. That means you have all of us caring for you, not just one dentist, so you never will feel like a stranger in our dental home!

Dr. Fern

Director & Dentist

She’s our principal dentist, boss lady, embodiment teacher, entrepreneur, international speaker, coach for more than 170 women dentists worldwide.

Dr Lin


Dental surgeon from the sunny coast of Perth. She originally moved to Melbourne for her post-graduate training in implants.

Dr. Alice


Alice has a keen eye for detail and aesthetics, and is exceptionally skilled in orthodontics, implants, crowns and veneers.

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