Children’s Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry

Often children are nervous at the prospect of dental treatment.

We know it is imperative that good oral health and hygiene be developed at a young age and enjoy making a trip to the dentist positive and educational.

Our gentle hygienists, dentists and nurses are well practised at handling nervous, young dental patients, and are proficient at helping them to grow up with a positive and enthusiastic approach to their dental health.

If they start young, and maintain their teeth throughout their early lives, they will have far less issues in the future.

We do WHOLE-listic dentistry and have an Orafacial Myofunctional Therapist on our team, which means we’re truly about prevention.

We have Netflix and ABC Kids to watch during longer sessions and kids walk away with a First Visit Certificate.

If you have any concerns about your child visiting the dentist, please call our team.

Why is Children’s Dentistry Important

We take pride in ensuring that your child’s first and subsequent visits to a dentist are positive and educational. Our aim is to setup a lifelong pattern of preventative dental health, without the common but unnecessary fear associated with visiting a dentist.

In the early years of development, your child’s mouth will see a lot of changes and it is best to start early and understand what their needs are well ahead of their teenage years.

Our Hygiene team are delighted to see children. We go to great lengths to ensure your kids have fun, positively remember the experience and start taking care of their own teeth.  

What to Expect

For young children, the initial dental checkup will be conducted by our specialised Hygienist, trained in treating both kids and adults.

They have spent years training to obtain a Bachelor of Oral Health and many subjects focus specifically on dentistry for children and teens.

Their main role is to teach and motivate children, along with working with their parents to ensure correct diet and protection.

Our team are also Dental Therapists and can conduct examinations, X-rays, attend to cavities and apply sealants to prevent decay in young teeth.

If your child requires more elaborate dental treatment they will be seen by a general dentist or perhaps referred to a specialist in unique circumstances.  

Netflix & ABC Kids Ready To Go

For longer visits, we have a selection of videos… for little and big kids.