First Visit

First Visit

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It’s All About Giving You Back CONTROL To Choose What Is Right For You.

Ever feel frustrated when your dentist always seems to say that there’s always more work to be done?

But you don’t really understand why?

You brush, you floss, and try to do the right thing, but it always seems like a losing battle.

It can be like a minefield in there, especially if you are in trepidation of where the next toothache might be coming from.

It ends up costing you way more money in the long run to fix things ad hoc.

Especially when you are in pain.

A filling or crack in a tooth left undone a year ago, has 15-20X in price now to become a root canal treatment and a crown (we’ll fill you in on the linguo in the treatment page).

It’s not uncommon to see.

Not to mention costing you a lot more pain and discomfort and time – something you never get back: Time away from your holidays, work, family, and ultimately you-time.
Imagine if you could sit down from the start and do things properly. Spend the time being educated properly by real experts. So you could see where your health, mouth and teeth are right now, and how to make sure they last you all your eating years.

To find out what needs to happen so you can be confident in your smile and how it makes you feel.

What if you could be shown all your options from a non-judgemental, non-biased view, and avoid any nasty surprises?

Have transparency over all the money and time costs so you can budget for them right from the beginning.

Knowing you are in the safe hands of some of the most skilled dentists in the state.

So that you can take back control.

That’s why we spend so much time initially with you and your mouth. To give you all your options in a clear concise plan just as if we had your mouth.

Then you choose which options you want.

(And no, we’re not billing you per minute like the lawyers for our time.)

In fact, it’s just a small fee so you can commit to YOU.

Our New Patient Experience Takes 75 Minutes

Want to know how we create this plan for you?

First, we spend time with you to find out everything relevant to treat you WHOLELISTICALLY. (before we get intimate with your mouth).

Then do our 20 point check – your mouth, your teeth, your joints, your gums and jaw bone.

We take full digital xrays (don’t worry, the radiation level is ridiculously low here).

And then, digital photos of your teeth, your smile and how it all relates to your face.

All the while, we are teaching you everything you need to know specifically about your teeth and mouth.

Finally, we put all it all together for you –

In a relaxed consultation room where you sip organic tea and co-create your treatment plan.

You have full control in picking what you are most comfortable with.

Get ready – it’s one of the most educational, informative and empowering experiences you’ve ever had at the dentist.

We understand this may be information overload in the first visit, so you also have the option of a complimentary follow up consultation.

A 75min 20 point examination of the mouth, gums and teeth, full digital x-rays and photos, and up to 2X45min follow up consultations where you co create your plan –

This is Dentistry with Heart.


Ready To Try Dentistry With Heart?

Normally this whole package is $235, but we want to remove as many obstacles as possible to access quality dentistry. 

That’s why our New Patient Experience is currently Gap-Free at the moment. (If you don’t have health insurance, it will be $100 off instead).

Simply fill in the form below to unlock this special offer.