So, what’s the difference with our ladies?

Obviously, we are skilled and trained up to the hilt in dentistry and its specialties.
That’s a given.
More importantly, we are all people persons!
We love connecting one-to-one, heart-to-heart and having real conversations with our patients and each other.
No dental lingo that you don’t understand. No white coats standing over you giving you lectures.
We’re human too - so we love having a cup of tea with you and sharing with you what we know and are passionate about - your dental affairs.
Just the real deal - what is true for you and your mouth.
So you can make your own decisions without having to listen to ‘google dentists’ or horror stories from your friends.
All this takes time - and we have plenty of time for you.
meet the BCD team

Welcome to BCD

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We’re a family here.

We have a lot of talent, skills and specialties under one roof.

That means you have all of us caring for you, not just one dentist, so you never will feel like a stranger in our dental home! Team Team

Dr. Fern White


She’s our principal dentist and boss lady! She’s also a mumma, yoga and embodiment teacher, entrepreneur, international speaker and mentor for more than 200 women dentists worldwide. She loves all things surgical (implants, wisdom teeth). She also loves helping patients go from  ‘embarrassed and never smiling’ to ‘beaming’ with confidence through her cosmetic reconstructions! But one of her biggest passions is creating a movement for Women Dentists worldwide to find their freedom and power as female leaders to heal their own patients through heart connection and not just intellectual relationships. (Basically what we do at BCD). Team

Dr. Becky Dudman


Becky is our energetic dentist from the UK. You'll find she has a good sense of humour and a generous kind heart She tries to keep things balanced in her free time and is as equally happy buzzing around Bayside; running, cycling or trying out a new gym class, as she is sat with a glass of wine sampling Melbourne's fine food on offer. She loves talking about teeth and particularly how our dental health links with our general health. She is always studying something new and is passionate about minimally invasive, treatments, that give amazing results. Things like Invisalign, Bonding and Whitening teeth can transform a persons smile and this is what really gets her excited! Team

Dr. Belinda Feldman


Belinda is our own home grown Melbourne dentist who graduated from Melbourne University in 2003. She has been in general practice for 14 years and has found her passion in helping people achieve and maintain both their natural beautiful smiles and general oral health.

Whilst her personal approach is casual and relaxed, she takes her dentistry very seriously and strives to provide the best clinical results for every patient under her care. She believes that dentistry is an artistry and loves to sculpt natural anatomy into her restorations so that they seam invisibly with people's natural teeth. 

Never without some kind of tool in her hand, out of dental practice you will often find her tinkering with something other than teeth her spare time. Creating new pieces of furniture from recycled materials is her latest hobby. Team



Gabby is our kiwi hygienist and children's dental therapist. You will find a good laugh won’t go amiss in her chair. She loves trekking, fishing and weight lifting in her spare time and is also a qualified food scientist so it is fair to say she is a major foodie also! She loves talking all things to do with your pearly whites and teaching you how to floss like a boss! Gabby feels a high five is in order when a patient improves their oral hygiene which improves their overall health! Gabby says she came in to this industry to help as many people as she can to improve their health, loves learning the latest and greatest in dental research and is excited by making the dental atmosphere fun for patients of all ages. Team


Practice Coordinator

Practice Coordinator, all round team player, providing calm/support to all. Qualified Kinesiologist and Reiki healer, beach lover. She loves to welcome patients with a warm smile and a friendly chat. Tell her about your interests and travels. Providing a calm/safe environment to patients is her priority. Her favourite outcome in dentistry is seeing the joy a patient experiences from taking control of their health and smile. Team

The Ladies of BCD

Nursing Staff

After our morning yoga, exercises and dose of fun, our team of women are set to take care of you and your teeth. They are an amazing team of dental assistants with tonnes of experience, and more than that, they are all here to take care of you like one of our family.

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