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Dr Fern White in Bite Magazine

Dr Fern White appears in this months Bite Magazine, talking about how her passion for yoga has influenced her work as a dentist and business manager. Her dog Charlie managed to make an appearance as well. Check it out below.

Bite Magazine – Dr Fern White’s Interview on Yoga, Dentistry, and Business Management

Nine years ago, I was living on the Mornington Peninsula and a patient invited me to attend her yoga class.

At the time I was working six days a week and beginning to feel burnt out. I was starting to experience the common physical strains of dentistry; stress and chronic back, neck and shoulder pain.

“The Hatha classes appealed to me immediately. I began stretching and unraveling my body while calming my mind by breathing through the tempo of each posture. Although I initially considered yoga as a physical practice, it began to offer me a regular framework to become still and listen to my body.

“Moving back into the city, I tried many different schools of yoga. For a few years I practised Ashtanga Vinyasa, a very physically challenging yoga tradition. Eventually I found a group of teachers who truly resonated with me due to their ability to embody both physical work and mental awareness.

“My yoga practice has been most helpful since taking over Beacon Cove Dental in late 2010. At the same time as growing into a more mature practitioner and advancing my skills, I was dealing with the enormous stresses surrounding a new business venture, including staff retention, maintaining patient relationships and ensuring an appropriate work/life balance. “My staff also benefit from her personalised yoga workshops. This is a wonderful team-bonding experience where all members communicate on the same level and improve their psychophysical situation at work. As a result, our relationships with each other and with our patients have improved dramatically.

“Yoga allows me to appreciate and nurture my role as a health provider and the growing impact that I can have on my patients, staff and the people around me. It’s a huge part of my life.