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Eco Friendly Dentistry: Why Being ‘Green’ Matters

When it comes to finding a dentist, there are a number of things you need to look for. This includes a professional service, quality equipment and comprehensive planning. However, another important factor to consider is how ‘green’ they are and what steps they take to reduce the impact they have on the environment. Eco-friendly dentistry practices are on the rise as more dentists consider the changes they can make to lessen their impact on the environment and at Beacon Cove Dental, we have embraced this philosophy.

looking up at trees in a forest

Sustainability around the surgery

It only takes some small changes around your dentist’s surgery to make a big impact on the environment. Beacon Cove Dental uses 100% renewable energy from wind and hydro power to sustain a green dental clinic. Reducing the amount of carbon emissions is a positive step towards a more eco-friendly surgery and all treatment power usage in the clinic is carbon neutral. Even small changes such as using environmentally friendly inks and toners in the printers have been adopted in the surgery to contribute to the bigger picture.

Eco friendly dentistry practices

One of the main initiatives at Beacon Cove Dental is the use of biodegradable products in day to day practice. The plastic barriers used to protect equipment and services are made from a sustainable product which breaks down over one to two years. Given that conventional plastic products can take hundreds of years to break down, this will make a significant difference to the environment. This means we can still maintain hygiene with single use products whilst staying green.

We also use state of the art mercury filters to ensure that 99% of the debris from mercury and amalgam fillings are removed before the waste material from treatments enter the drain. Our filtration system means that heavy chemicals, such as mercury, are not entering and damaging the environment.

If you’re looking for a dentist who uses sustainable practices alongside quality dental care, contact Beacon Cove Dental today and we would be happy to assist. You can also fill in our easy online form for a quick response.