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Carbon Neutral Green Dentistry in Bay St. — 100% GreenPowered

Our patients may be interested to note that we at Beacon Cove Dental are now powered by 100% renewable energy (wind and hydro power from Tasmania to be precise).

This is part of our move towards carbon neutral dentistry as we believe our dental industry could be performing a lot better in the area of reducing emissions and waste.

windmills along the shore

We do need to maintain an extremely high level of hygiene, which does require a lot of single use materials. However we have invested in GreenPower to ensure that we are at least reducing the effects that coal mining and burning has on our planet.

If you have any suggestions or feedback for how our business could be performing more sustainably, please do not hesitate to contact us.

More About Green Dentistry Bay St. & Port Melbourne

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Our team at Beacon Cove Dental will also be more than happy to discuss our eco responsibilities as dental professionals. You can learn more about our efforts in green dentistry in Bay St. and in Port Melbourne by contacting us or reading our other articles.