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10 Top Tips to Finding a Great Dentist

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Top 10 Tips for Finding a Great DentistWe wanted to help any patient be able to select a quality dentist, no matter where you are. It’s really hard, unless you have a dental degree, to accurately measure the quality of a dentist, so here are some tips in a Downloadable PDF.

Trust is one of the most important qualities to build with any health practitioner, so these important checks allow you to feel confident and trust that you’re getting the most appropriate and effective treatment available.

  1. Time in Chair & Getting to Know You
  2. A Busy Practice, Running On Time
  3. Infection Control
  4. An In Depth Exam with Gum & Bone Charting
  5. Magnification, Cameras and Digital X-ray Sensors
  6. Hygiene Department
  7. A Range of Options and a Written Treatment Plan
  8. Lab Work and Quality Materials
  9. Continuing Training in Specific Areas
  10. External Specialists & Partners

Details are in the Downloadable PDF

We hope it helps in your search for quality dental treatment, in Port Melbourne or around the world.